Hardware for Records Management

Records Management, Document Management and Imaging for Windows
Records Management addresses the life cycle of records, i.e., the period of time that records are in the custody of the organisation. The life cycle usually consists of three stages:


    • Creation or receipt


    • Maintenance and use


    • Disposition

 Alliance PaperChase records management helps records managers and  users:

manage retention schedules,

store records in their appropriate classifications along with the prescribed metadata,

search for records when required,

destroy records according to prescribed schedules,

put holds on records so they don’t get destroyed while the company goes through an audit or investigation, and

track the access of the record over its active and in-active life cycle.

Barcode Scanners are widely used for tracking paper files.

Label Printers are used to print labels, typically with barcodes.
Mobile Computing includes barcode scanners, PDAs, and mobile printers.

Alliance Imager is a document management and imaging system.
Alliance PaperChase is a records management or file tracking system.
Alliance BatchScan is a document scanning solution.
Global 360 Imaging for Windows is the upgrade to the Wang Imaging for Windows software in Windows.

PaperChase Records Management System Imager Document Management Software Imaging-for-Windows Document Scanning Document Scanners Barcode Label Printers Barcode Scanners RFiD Mobile Computing Record and Document Management File Tracking EDRMS Fujitsu Scanners Kodak Scanners Motorola-Symbol barcode scanners Opticon barcode mobile computing Baracoda barcode scanners Zebra barcode label printers Zebra mobile printers Legal Admissibility of Documents Software Development Wang Imaging for Windows Kodak Imaging for Windows



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